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Retail Workflows

Retail Point of Sale

Solutions for Enhanced POS Throughput
In the past, a customer may have been willing to wait five minutes at checkout. Today, he or she is likely to tolerate less than two minutes. As a result, speed and accuracy for retail scanning are critically important to the customer experience – and your bottom line. At Honeywell, we understand this challenge. That’s why we’ve developed a wide range of high-performance products – solutions that are helping many of the world’s leading retailers minimise shoppers’ checkout time, automate loyalty program enrolment and age verification, and unlock the full potential of omni-channel mobile marketing.

Handheld and hands-free scanners
The perfect productivity partners for today’s growing trend of tablet-based mPOS systems or traditional POS terminals. Quickly scan any barcode, including off of a customer’s smart device screen. Our powerful area-imaging 2D scanners feature a wide depth of field for fast, easy and comfortable scanning.

In-counter bioptic scanners
Our high-performance hybrid bioptic scanners with fast pass-through help reduce inventory shrinkage and enable fast loyalty card entry.

Instantly verify a customer’s age or populate loyalty program forms or credit applications. Our software significantly reduces your transaction time by automatically parsing barcode data found on driver’s licenses and government-issued ID cards. No more asking customers to complete forms by hand!

Mobile POS and Line Busting Enhance the Customer Experience

Ever wonder if that customer waiting in your checkout line is looking at his smartphone to see if he can order the product from an online competitor instead? Before your customers leave the store, mobile point of sale and line busting solutions from Honeywell help ensure you leave them with a positive impression.

Our mobile computers and enterprise sleds are perfect for the sales floor. Look up detailed product information. Locate inventory in other stores or distribution centres. Finish customer orders. Add our portable Bluetooth-enabled receipt printers and you’re ready for mobile POS and line busting. Both are excellent ways to speed up your checkout process and end long lines at the checkout counter.

Honeywell mobile solutions for retail equip your sales associates to provide the best service to customers – wherever they’re shopping in your store.

Mobile computers
Our sleek, enterprise-grade hybrid devices combine the aesthetics of a consumer device with the long life of a rugged mobile device.

Mobile thermal printers and media supplies
Be ready to print purchase receipts when and where your customers are ready to buy. Our Bluetooth-enabled mobile receipt printers are durable, comfortable to wear on the belt, and print fast.

Enterprise sleds
Transform your Apple iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad mini™ into an enterprise-ready device complete with built-in scanner and credit card reader. As with Honeywell mobile computers, you’ll be able scan barcodes, process transactions and access essential information throughout the store.

Pocket scanners
Our ergonomically designed wireless pocket scanners are a perfect complement to point-of-sale tablets and ad-hoc mobile check out.

The Omni-Channel World is Stressing Operations

Operational intelligence doesn’t happen in the cloud – it happens on the ground. In your business, every minute of every day. Not only do you want to get there, you want to get there smartly. Honeywell delivers the solutions that get you to your goals. In a connected world, our ergonomic, high performance devices work together seamlessly. From the receiving dock to the point of sale, your team is engaged and productive. Merchandise flows smoothly. And your customers get the best service you have to offer.

Improve Performance, Profitability and the Customer Experience

Honeywell products are known for their performance and rugged durability. You can depend upon them to last for years and deliver a smart return on your investment.

  • Receiving and stocking: React quicker to surges in demand, rapidly restock the right inventory and increase store profitability.
  • Planograms and promotions: Boost store performance with improved responsiveness with better merchandising, stock availability and pricing accuracy.
  • Click and collect: Enhance your profitability by transforming click-and-collect from a cost center to a profit center.
  • Returns management: Exceed customer expectations with a painless returns experience.
Drive Value From a Smarter, Connected Organisation

Serving the needs of digitally connected consumers requires a digitally connected workforce. And it’s important to have flexible tools that allow your business to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands.

For example, the omni-channel model is driving change in store operational workflows, requiring the ability to pick, pack and ship small orders from inside the store. Yet most stores aren’t built for staging orders in the way their DCs are – at least not profitably. With Honeywell technologies, you can change that.

Honeywell solutions equip you to handle these new workflows more efficiently. You’ll increase your store’s profitability while delighting your customers at the same time.

Honeywell Retail Solutions

From the multi-modal warehouse to the sales floor to the checkout counter, Honeywell solutions help you realise the full potential of your people, time, assets and information.

Receiving and stocking solutions
React quicker to surges in demand, rapidly restock the right inventory and increase store profitability.

Honeywell RFID technology can help you reduce stock-outs. The results: higher revenue and a better customer experience. This technology tracks the movement of merchandise from the back room to the display floor. And it allows more frequent cycle counts, closing the gap between your virtual and actual store inventory.

  • Mobile computers: Our ultra-rugged mobile computers provide the ideal balance of duty cycle and ergonomics.
  • Vocollect™ voice solutions: In the warehouse and on the sales floor, Vocollect voice-directed software frees your hands during the picking process. Suspend the operation to help customers. Then resume the process at the exact same point. Even better, Vocollect allows you to consolidate your traditional replenish walk, price mark down, cycle count and new picking tasks into one single workflow. That’s a sure productivity booster. And it reduces associate foot traffic too.
  • Handheld scanners: Our industrial-strength, long-range area-imaging scanners can read 1D and 2D barcodes up to 40 meters (50 feet) away. You’ll save time when you receive shipments and collect replenishment orders.
  • Thermal printers and media supplies: Industrial/commercial barcode thermal printers deliver rapid label printing on durable, affordable media. Portable models go wherever your mobile workers need them.

Retail customer engagement solutions
Find out how in-store mobile engagement with Honeywell iOS sleds, mobile computers and receipt printers can boost your retail sales and enrich the customer experience.