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Transport & Logistics

Track Goods Every Step of the Way With Mobile Visibility

Handle more shipments. Improve load and route planning. Eliminate shipment issues. Even streamline the dispatcher/driver relationship. All with Honeywell real-time wireless solutions. We’re focused on the issues that make a real difference to your business.

This is Your World: T&L

Transportation & Logistics managers say new technology is critical to meet customer demands. In this brief video, you’ll see survey results that show mobile solutions can dramatically improve operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Delivering on T&L Operations Needs

Using the findings from a research survey conducted among T&L managers around the world, this report explores how a combination of mobile technology implementations for mobile workers, and process re-engineering efforts can elevate operations to the next level.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting for Private Fleets: Pitfalls and Opportunities

Companies with small private fleets are focused on their core business. Fleet management is often a secondary concern. But the FMCSA doesn’t see it that way. Private fleets are held to the same regulatory requirements as large transportation companies.

Fleet Management

Boost your fleet’s efficiency and safety with our agile workflow solutions. Through proactive fleet management, you can increase vehicle lifecycle, performance and efficiency, preventing unplanned downtime and customer dissatisfaction.

Global Tracking

Track, monitor and protect your high-value assets and people worldwide with satellite-based products and services. Our solutions leverage best-in-class hardware terminals, web-based tracking, fleet management software and flexible satellite airtime packages.

Ports and Intermodal

Six of the world’s 10 largest ports and 300+ ports and intermodal facilities worldwide count on Honeywell. Why? Because we understand the industry’s unique requirements. And our workflow solutions enable a more connected, more agile workforce for greater performance.

Postal / Courier / Express / Parcel

Develop a high-achieving workforce with Honeywell. Our integrated, mobile workflow solutions equip you to elevate productivity, quality and responsiveness in your core end-to-end operations – all of which leads to a more competitive, more profitable enterprise.

Whether yours is a small business or an enterprise, we have the right solution for you.