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Warehousing & DC

You Face Mounting Pressure – Renovotec & Honeywell Can Help

Your DC operations are complex. Slim margins and fierce competition leave no room for error – and the race to improve never ends. So what separates the best from the rest? Honeywell. Only Honeywell offers a complete portfolio of integrated workflow solutions to deliver what your business needs: Total DC optimization and the results to prove it. You’ll see it in a connected workforce that’s faster, more accurate and more flexible to changing demands – all of which boosts performance, while reducing costs.

Optimize your workflow performance with smarter, connected solutions from Honeywell

Speed and accuracy at the receiving and putaway stages make all the difference to workflows downstream. That’s why you need a connected solution.
Transform your DC forklifts from simple material-handling vehicles to information-technology platforms that optimize complex workflows. We have your solution.
Order Fulfillment/Picking
Our connected solution for order fulfillment can re-engineer your DC picking/fulfillment processes to deliver the next generation of business results.
Keeping the flow of material on the dock fluid and moving is vital. Our connected solution for outbound processes can help you dispatch goods faster and on schedule.

Optimize your workflow performance with smarter, connected solutions from Honeywell

Grocery / Foodservice
Productivity and accuracy. For grocery and foodservice distributors operating on very small margins, they’re critical to success. We get it. The result: Honeywell integrated workflow solutions are proven to drive increases in both productivity and accuracy.

General / Specialty Retail
E-commerce growth creates many challenges for omni-channel distribution. To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, our integrated workflow solutions give you supply network visibility for manufacturing, distribution, transportation and retail operations.

The 3PL market is experiencing steady growth. Are your operations equipped with the tools to effectively manage that growth and drive bottom line revenues? With our integrated workflow solutions, they can be.

With rising SKU counts and higher consumer expectations the pressure is on CPG companies to deliver. Integrated workflow solutions from Honeywell are making it possible.

Medical & Pharmaceutical
In an industry where accuracy and expiration management are critical to consumer safety, Honeywell integrated workflow solutions give you the peace of mind that your operations are providing the highest level of both.
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Industrial distribution operating environments can be challenging. And harsh. To stay productive and on schedule under these rigorous conditions, turn to Honeywell. Our integrated workflow solutions equip your workforce to get the job done.

From assembly line inspection to the distribution of aftermarket parts, integrated workflow solutions from Honeywell are driving faster productivity and accuracy results for automotive operations just like yours. Count on it.

High Tech
Kitting and assembly. Serial number capture. Specialized packing and labeling requirements. Sound familiar? High tech distribution can be highly complex. Now you can simplify the complexity with our integrated workflow solutions.

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