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Honeywell Hardware Rentals

Increase the flexibility of your mobile computing solutions with Renovotec Rentals

Whatever industry you work in, whatever you use mobile computing for, there are always times in the year when you could benefit from additional devices.

You hire temporary staff and assets to manage increased workloads, so why not hire temporary devices too?!

Now you can increase the flexibility of your mobile computing solution, with no additional capital outlay, with either our:-

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Hardware rental is the ideal solution for companies needing to respond quickly and flexibly to any seasonal spike in consumer demand, with no capital outlay.

Flexible contracts to suit your requirements and budget.

Borrow the devices you need from us for just a matter of months or invest in a longer term contract, the choice is yours. Whatever you choose and regardless of the number of devices, the price per device is fixed for the term of the contract.

To calculate your monthly cost per device we consider:

  • Term of the contract (in months)
  • Min number of devices required at any one time
  • Max number of devices required at any one time
  • Software required
  • Deployment environment

Hassle free implementation and management

When you hire Honeywell devices from Renovotec you won’t need to lift a finger. We’ll ensure that every device you hire is ready to use straight out of the box. This means we’ll configure every device’s settings to your exact requirements, install software and even charge the battery.

We can work with your IT teams to pre-load your existing software or our specialist team can develop software that meets your specific requirements.

Peace of mind guarantee

All devices from Renovotec come complete with a support and maintenance package, providing you with the reassurance that your mobile hardware is delivering optimal performance and minimising the burden on your internal IT resources.

If a device fails and we can’t provide a solution over the phone through our help desk, we’ll make sure the device is replaced on a next day basis with another device configured to your exact requirements.

Complimentary Technologies

All components of a mobile computing solution can be hired with Renovotec Rentals.

Warehouse systems including wireless and LAN infrastructure are designed, deployed and supported within the ‘per device’ monthly Renovotec Rentals charge.

Stationary or Honeywell mobile barcode printers and scanners can also be included and quantities adjusted to suit operational demands.


Outsource the ownership, deployment, management and support of your AutoID and mobile computing systems to Renovotec today and start realising the benefits immediately.

  • Flexibility to increase and decrease the number of devices to match your operational workload
  • Enhance your productivity
  • Remove the hassle of implementing and managing additional devices
  • Take advantage of support and maintenance packages that provide complete peace of mind
  • Range of Honeywell devices to choose from, ready to use straight out of the box

Contact us today and start realising the benefits of our rental solutions tomorrow.

Simply call us on 01924 600480 or email us at  info@renovotec.com and one of our specialists will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Managing fluctuating operational demand levels in your business is a delicate balancing game.

If there are times of the year when you don’t have enough mobile computers to cope with workloads and you want to preserve your company’s CAPEX budget….

                                  …Renovotec has the solution.

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