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Movilizer Cloud Technology

The Cloud for Field Operations

Honeywell Movilizer is the Cloud for Field Operations that drives enterprise profitability at large manufacturing and services companies, by empowering you to deploy nimble and dynamic strategies in the field. Unlike other competitors, who are providing silo solutions, the Movilizer Cloud connects and orchestrates field operations actors with each other even across company boundaries.

Movilizer Connectors

Companies can overcome their IT limitations, open up isolated IT systems and connect them with field operations and with each other.

Our numerous connectors allow them to securely connect any back-end system, such as SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo or salesforce.com; as well as any external stakeholder, i.e. suppliers, subcontractors or manufacturers to the Movilizer Cloud.

Movilizer Cloud

With the Movilizer Cloud, any VPO is able to successfully implement strategies in the field.

The multi-tenant cloud allows senior management, such as supply chain managers, plant managers, warehouse managers or service managers to orchestrate and interconnect any field operation and workflow.

Movilizer App Container

On operational level, the Movilizer App connects the field workers with the office and with each other. Service technicians, delivery drivers, sales reps or machines can process work orders and send updated information into the back-end.

The Movilizer App is a secure client, a role-based container app, that runs on any mobile device and is available even offline.

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