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A fundamental shift is underway as existing distribution centre processes are reviewed. Many now call the voice enabled warehouse the next generation in distribution centre and warehouse material handling management. In the voice enabled warehouse or distribution centre, there are fewer alphanumeric keyboards, and scanning provides secondary worker enablement.

The Renovotec Voice Middleware Solution has been designed with cutting edge technology that provides ultimate functionality for the new generation of voice centric warehouses/ distribution centres and workers. Our Voice Middleware Solution offers an array of standard functions within a single software application that can be configured to meet your exact requirements. In addition, it can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into any WMS or ERP host system.

Traceability & Reporting

Tabular reporting and live dashboard views of key performance indicators are included as standard, providing invaluable statistical reporting at the touch of a button. We can also offer customised reporting to meet your specific data reporting requirements.


  • 10-25% productivity gains compared with paper or scanning operations
  • Can achieve 99.99% accuracy levels
  • Reduces training time for new staff by at least 50%
  • Reduces administration with automated data transfer
  • Improves Health & Safety by enabling a hands and eye-free working environment
  • Provides rapid return on investment, normally within 12 months


Our flexible voice solution can encompass all the warehouse / DC applications you will ever need. The following tasks are included as standard:

  • Goods In / Receiving
  • Putaway
  • Replenishing
  • Stock Movement
  • Despatch / Loading
  • Stock Counts/ Inventory Checks
  • Picking

Vocollect Modules

Adaptive Speech Recognition

Vocollect’s core speech recognition has the ability to interpret user speech, regardless of accent or dialect, in the presence of background noises. The technology is continually learning and getting smarter, reducing errors and the total cost of ownership over time.

Choose from our selection of wired and wireless headsets and wearable devices that support the unique needs of freezer environments, high-noise environments and hard hat workers.

Our voice enabled workflow and data collection solutions help companies with mobile workers run a better business and optimise their workflow performance by reducing errors and increasing productivity.

Our Featured Products

Vocollect A730 Mobile Device

Boost worker productivity and business value with hands-free voice technology for data collection. Honeywell is proud to be the first to offer an ergonomic solution with voice and scanning in a single mobile device. The Vocollect™ A730 mobile device lets you break down the long-perceived walls between voice and scanning.


Vocollect Vehicle Docks

Maximize productivity and accuracy in your vehicle-based workflows by voice-enabling your vehicles. Vocollect Vehicle Docks equip your vehicle-based workers with a powerful hands-free, eyes-free data collection solution.


Vocollect SRX2 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

The Vocollect™ SRX2 Bluetooth® wireless headset sets the standard for user ergonomics and performance, enhancing the worker experience with the most comfortable wireless headset option available. With Vocollect SoundSense™ voice recognition technology, the SRX2 wireless headset gives you the highest levels of accuracy and performance.


Vocollect Speech Recognition Wired Headsets

In the world of distribution, where logistic improvements are measured in seconds, team members can’t afford to miss hearing a single assignment or be burdened with repeating responses, resulting in delays. When every second counts, Vocollect™ speech recognition wired headsets provide the performance you need in the most demanding industrial environments.